Photography news

Do you know Phototickr? It´s a really cool place to submit your photography news.

Nothing is truly set in stone…

Louvre’s sculptures dressed as hipsters! By photographer Léo Caillard and art director Alexis Persan.

Crazy pictures

What is the craziest situation you have ever photographed yourself?

Photographs that changed the world!

Find out the stories behind this photographs! Do you know all of them?

Just found…

… this nice diary-app that lets you capture your life in pictures:
My days are about to get real

Incredible Self Portraits

Wow! What do you think about this self portraits?


The evolution of a photo montage.

100 cameras!

Great project:! Let´s say it in their own words:

“it’s simple, really.
we give a camera to jackson & he snaps a photo. then you buy his photo.
100% of your purchase gives him the opportunity to learn how to share his perspective & to fund tangible needs in his community.
jackson is empowered.”

35mm film scanner

Nice Gadget for those of us reminiscing good old times and with analog photos that need to be digitalized:

Photoshop live